Comb Meadow Burial Ground, Comb Meadow

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An Introduction for Families to Stanway Parish Community Burial Ground, Comb Meadow.

Stanway Parish Council is the Burial Authority for Comb Meadow.

Comb Meadow comprises of Burial plots, an Ash Burial area and an Ash Scattering Meadow.  The whole area is designated as a Natural, and eventually, Woodland area.

Comb Meadow is a public open space, which means that it is available for all to visit and walk through.  It is a place for remembrance, peace and quiet reflection and the Parish Council will endeavour to ensure that it maintains Comb Meadow in the condition suitable for that purpose.

People coming into Comb Meadow on any business whatsoever are asked to behave in a quiet and respectful manner at all times. Mobile Telephones and Car Audio equipment will be switched off upon entry to Comb Meadow.

Visitors to Comb Meadow should be dressed appropriately.

No children are allowed in the grounds unless they behave quietly and respectfully and are with a responsible adult.

Parking is available within Comb Meadow.

No games, ball games or sports whatsoever are allowed in the grounds.

No Dogs are allowed in Comb Meadow, with the exception of Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs .Owners must clean up after their dogs.

Cigarette butts and chewing gum must not be dropped on the ground. Visitors are requested to use the litter bin provided.

For safety reasons access may be restricted to the grounds or a portion of the grounds.

Access may be limited to any grave temporarily in the event of an imminent interment close by or in the event of a Health & Safety hazard.

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