Neighbourhood Plan

Alongside local residents, we are working to develop a neighbourhood plan for Stanway which shapes the future development and growth of the local area. Please see below for more information on the neighbourhood plan.

Neighbourhood planning is a new right for communities introduced through the Localism Act 2011. For the first time, local people will have a major statutory say in helping to shape development in the areas in which they live.Much more information about Neighbourhood Planning can be found on the Communities & Local Government website.

Rejecting the proposals for new homes is not an option, but a Neighbourhood Plan will enable the community to have a say on where new homes, shops and businesses should be built, and what the new buildings should look like. It should be kept in mind, however, that, if the Neighbourhood Plan is rejected by the community, there will be no opportunity to put forward an alternative plan, and the proposed housing growth would go ahead without regard for the community’s views. Accordingly, we need to get it right first time, and we need residents to let us know what they think sooner rather than later.

We have set up a Neighbourhood Plan committee to manage the process of assessing possible sites for the new homes and consulting with the community at large. The recommendations from the committee will ultimately require approval by Full Council. No decisions or indeed recommendations will be made until after the consultation process is concluded. The Neighbourhood Plan will then be submitted to an independent assessment, to ensure it is consistent with Colchester Borough Council’s Plan and national planning policies. If the Plan passes external examination, residents will be able to vote on it in a local referendum.

If more than 50% of voters support the plan, then decisions on future planning applications must take the Neighbourhood Plan into account. If you would like further information on Stanway’s Neighbourhood Plan or would like to be involved in its development, please visit the dedicated website

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