5 Tips to Fight Crime – Christmas

12 Nov
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5 Tips to Fight Crime – Christmas

Have you seen Essex Police’s current crime prevention campaign? The current campaign under the name “Let’s Talk about Crime” features five tips on eleven different crime types such as: Home Security, Garden Security, Cybercrime etc. These are available on the Essex Police webpage below, Social Media and as leaflets. As an example below are 5 tips for a crime free Christmas.

  1. Don’t leave Christmas presents or valuables in view of a window. Keep them out of sight from thieves. If you are storing items in a shed or outbuilding, secure them by fitting good quality locks and considering an alarm.
  2. If you’re attending a Christmas party, make sure that you have considered how to get home in advance and don’t use unlicensed taxis. Ensure you drink responsibly and are aware of your surroundings, whilst keeping your drink and belongings safe. For personal safety advice visit: suzylamplugh.org
  3. Whether you’re on an evening out, or Christmas shopping, keep your bags, handbags, wallets and mobile safe. Busy places make it easier for the sneak thief, so be alert at all times.
  4. Record your valuables and property serial numbers by using immobilise.com – a free property recording website that helps the police identify owners of recovered property every day. On the site you can create a private and secure log of all your personal property including adding photographs.
  5. After Christmas don’t advertise your nice gifts to the thieves by putting the empty boxes out for collection. Disguise them, fold them inside out or put them inside other plain boxes.

Christmas is fast approaching, for more information about how to keep yourself and your property safe visit: www.essex.police.uk/letstalk

We wish you all a happy and crime free Christmas and New Year J


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