Annual Parish Meeting | 12 April 2018 at 7:30pm






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  1. Attendance and Apologies for Absence


  1. Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting


  1. Parish Council Chairman’s Report


  1. Village Hall Management Committee Chairman’s Report


  1. Residents Forum










Cllr John Spademan

Chairman of Stanway Parish Council      

24TH MARCH 2018





Held on Thursday, 12th April 2017

At 7.30pm at the VICTORY HALL



  1. Attendance and Apologies for Absence


The following Parish Councillors were in attendance: – Cllr J Spademan (Parish Council Chairman), Cllr P Dundas, Cllr T J Manning, Cllr K Marking, Cllr J R Norton, Cllr C M Spademan, Cllr P Thompson and Cllr I Wancerska.


Apologies were received from Cllrs D Bloomfield, D Chambers and D Jordan and Ann Longman, Stanway Village Hall Management Committee (personal commitments)


RESOLVED to accept the Councillor apologies


Also in attendance: – Amanda Ward, Clerk’s Assistant, Borough Councillors J Scott-Boutell, L Scott-Boutell, Teresa Baines, Secretary Stanway Village Hall Management Committee, Mr Ray Cheverton and10 members of the Public.


Cllr C M Spademan welcomed everyone to the Annual Parish Forum and introduced herself as Chairman of the Community Events Committee which had organised this evenings Meeting.

Cllr C M Spademan explained this was the first time that Stanway Parish Council was introducing their Community Awards and was delighted to welcome a fantastic speaker for the evening, Mr Ray Cheverton.


Cllr C M Spademan advised those present of the emergency exits in the event of a fire and then handed over to Cllr J Spademan, Chairman of Stanway Parish Council.


Cllr J Spademan welcomed those present to the Meeting and thanked everyone for attending.


  1. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 20th April 2017

RESOLVED to approve the Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting held on 20th April 2017.


  1. Parish Council Chairman’s Report


Stanway Village Annual Parish Forum


John Spademan

Chair of Stanway Parish Council

This is my second year as Chair of Stanway Parish Council and it remains an honour to serve in this capacity. Being a Parish Councillor has it challenges and rewards. Being the Chair of a Council still has greater challenges and potentially greater rewards. This year we have seen some incredible moves forward, with over £500,000 being secured and spent on the Village Hall. The Village Hall is now one of the best venues in the area. We look forward to seeing the Phase II of the Village Hall project get underway shortly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support that has been given to me by Councillors, Staff and residents of Stanway. A couple of Councillors have left the Parish Council, we now have a new Councillor, others have shown interest in becoming Parish Councillors, but some vacancies still remain. The role of the Parish Clerk is not always fully appreciated. We see one of our Clerks at our meetings and see the agendas and minutes. We don’t always see the work that seems to never end acting on behalf of the Council and people of Stanway. We had less changes in staff compared to last year’s report. Teresa Devine is our Parish  Clerk, with Amanda Ward as our Assistant Clerk. Our website remains an important place for information as to what is going on. We are looking at the new rules coming out (called GDPR) and how they will affect us. Permissions have to be obtained for any data we collect and hold. A lot of these issues may already have been addressed by many of our policies that could overlap on these matters. We are reviewing our policies and processes to ensure we remain compliant. Our new style Newsletter in Stanway Life magazine has been in circulation for well over a year now. It along with all the Parish Council articles have been received by the vast majority of Stanway most favourably. Also we should remember it has both reduced our workload and our annual spend by over £4,000 to produce and deliver our old version with little or no colour. Stanway Life is produced with all our items going in for free. Also any Stanway community events information going in for free. If you don’t already use the Stanway Life then please consider doing so.  We get involved in monitoring meetings with the Quarry and Landfill site. Also we are working in conjunction with the Quarry and Zoo to improve the junction of Maldon Road and Warren Lane. We are hoping to see a new turn right lane to access the Zoo site this Summer. The A12 work is scheduled to go ahead in 2020, the timing of the A120 work has yet to be confirmed. Our section of the A12 has always been regarded by Highways England as being uncongested, we are slowly getting them to consider the implication the Stanway stretch of the A12. We are hearing now that the long awaited improvements to the A12 junction in Stanway is being redesigned and about time too. We are seeing more of the old land fill site being opened up for residents to access, although there are no plans to get cars parked or decent access points. We are still awaiting the new Community Centre in the same area being started and don’t yet have a firm date now. I am sure SVHMC will give a more detail update on our Halls and the great service they do in all managing the three Halls and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them. You will be aware that our Planning Committee constantly look at and monitor all planning that comes to their attention. We did support the Stane Park development and that one came out in our favour, we see the new Princess Charlotte in full flow and still await seeing the other five restaurants. Last year is was still unclear if the Tollage Village development would go ahead, it should now go ahead and firm plans should be seen later this year.


Comb Meadow still gets a lot of attention and the trees and bushes are getting established along the boundary. It is not the easiest business to be in, but in these financially challenging times we do offer very competitive rates compared to many others. Our recreational facilities and open spaces are constantly monitored. We are always on the lookout for funding opportunities to augment the funds available to the Council to improve and add to these sites. We still have a sink hole in one of our MPGA courts, but hope to resolve the matter this year. We have some monies set aside but have yet to complete the work. We are looking at the whole way the Council functions and think the Parish Council is too dominant at this Annual Parish meeting, we are seeing the tentative start to getting more of our community involved.  If your organisation wants to use this as their forum then let us know. Our Community Events Committee is constantly reviewing these matters and in particular the new community awards with the best Neighbour and community champion being awarded tonight. Next year could see new categories. We always strive to keep our precept to the lowest level possible. We are now in Colchester Borough elections. I would encourage everyone to get out and vote if not for then against someone or something.

Thank you all for listening intently


  1. Village Hall Management Committee Chairman’s Report


In the absence of Ann Longman, Chairman of Stanway Village Hall Management Committee the report was read by Teresa Baines, Secretary Stanway Village Hall Management Committee.


Good evening.

Well at last we have got the first stage of the refurbishment completed. Last summer the builders moved in and in just over six weeks we had a refreshed hall with almost everything brand new. The final instalment was over the Easter holidays when the floor was stripped and re-polished. This was delayed from Christmas due to the original supplier going into liquidation.

The next stage is due to take place during June when the upstairs committee rooms will be refurbished along with the veranda balcony so that the rooms can be used for meetings with all modern technology and also to get as  many solar panels on the roof as we can from the remainder of the grant.

New chairs and tables have been ordered for both Village Hall and Tollgate Hall with grants being obtained.

Bookings have increased substantially especially Saturdays. A great improvement on what was and now is the best Village Hall in the area.

Our ambition now is to do some refurbishing of the Tollgate Hall, we have already purchased new cups and mugs and have tenders out to upgrade the toilets, flooring and doors. Grants are being sort to help with this work.

Our new Website is on the horizon and this should bring in some extra weekend bookings with our daytime bookings being very good.

We are still a very small committee and my thanks must go to all the committee members especially the exceptional work of our Secretary Teresa Baines who now has a much better understanding of a site manager having spent many hours at the Hall during the refurbishment and also her work in obtaining grants. Thanks also to Robert Wopling, our Vice chair, who is always readily available to assist with contractors and getting information. Thanks also to Carol Hardisty our booking clerk for rearranging bookings so that the work could be done.

Our 2 caretakers have also contributed to the refurbishment and have undertaken extra work to get the halls clean for the bookings including the stripping and re-polishing of the Village Hall stage floor.


Cllr J Spademan thanked Teresa Baines for her report and invited everyone to ask questions about anything.


  1. Residents Forum


There were no questions from Residents, Cllr J R Norton advised that he had been on the Stanway Village Hall Management Committee for some time and as a Resident of Stanway would like to thank Teresa Baines for all her hard work over the years.


The Meeting broke for refreshments at 7.50pm and resumed at 8.06pm.


Cllr J Spademan called the Meeting back to order and advised that our speaker for this evening had been the Parish Clerk between 1980 and 1992 when he then became a Parish Councillor until 2006. In 1988 he had produced the design and wording for the Stanway Village Sign that we all know today and asked those present to extend a warm welcome to Mr Ray Cheverton and his lovely Wife.


  1. Presentation by Mr Ray Cheverton – The History & Meaning of the Stanway Sign.


Mr Cheverton read from the following by Mrs Janet I Cheverton, Copyright 1988.


Stanway’s Village Sign was first suggested to the Parish Council during a Parish Council Meeting by Ray Cheverton, my Husband, who was the Parish Clerk at that time. Councillors agreed it was a good idea, and suggestions were called for to make up the format and details to be included. It was agreed to approach the Stanway Comprehensive School in Winstree Road, to ask if they would like to be involved with the design, and the final making of the sign. Staff at the School agreed to tackle the project but, due to pressure of work and the inevitable change of pupils, the project could not be undertaken by the School. However, a preliminary sketch had been produced by the Art Department at the School and was kindly donated to the Parish Council to be used as a basis for the proposed design.


Old photographs of Oliver’s Barn and the little Toll House – once known as the Round House  – were obtained from Mr Ken Coulsson, a onetime local resident. St Albright’s Church was photographed to feature the south western side of this beautiful old building, which stands on the London Road. Colchester and Essex coat of Arms were obtained, and with the involvement of the Comprehensive School, their own School badge was to be incorporated.


During our holiday in Mevagissey, Cornwall in 1987, we stayed at the local boat builders premises, aptly called the ‘Lookout’. We were fascinated by the carved sign, as the capital ‘L’ was identical tto the one on our very own house plaque, which bears the name ‘Llawnroc’. Upon making enquiries from our host, Mr John Moor, we discovered that the curator of the local museum, Mr John Claydon – a very talented artist and wood carver – had made the ‘Lookout’ sign. We sought out Mr Claydon, and asked him to make up a design for our own residence in Stanway – we gave him our ideas and he interpreted them to perfection in his drawing. When our finished sign arrived it was exquisite, right down to the very last detail – we were delighted – to say the least.


Around this time the Parish Council had finally agreed on a double sided sign for the Village, and the wheels were set in motion by giving Mr Claydon the original sketch, photographs, and as much information on what was required. Eventually a beautiful painted drawing of the proposed sign was sent for approval, and from that the go-ahead was given. During September 1988, we were sent coloured photographs of the completed work, it is superb in every way, no detail has been overlooked.


The original timber Mr Claydon used was carefully selected, with the aid of Mr John Moor, as the wood has to be well seasoned to stand up to the rigours of the elements and time and, hopefully, for many future generations to admire. Entirely hand carved, the work was long and tedious, but then the hand painting really put the finishing touches to it, and brought the whole scene to life. It is sstraaight sided, with a curved top, and the central focal point is the St. Albright’s Church. Oliver’s Barn is featured on the left hand side, and near the centre is the old ‘Toll House’, which used to stand on the London Road, almost  opposite Cherry Tree Farm.


Elephant and Zebra show the connection of the Zoo with Stanway. Trees represent the famous London Plane tree on Swan Green, and oak leaves and acorns are a feature of the evergreen oak. Tudor roses represent the onetime famous Cant rose growers. Stanway is then boldly carved across the sign in a scroll, then beneath the name are the coats of Arms for Colchester, Essex and the Comprehensive School, plus the year, 1988.


We are very fortunate to have found such a dedicated and talented man as Mr John Claydon who ow happily resides in Mevagissey, Cornwall. A very artistic man and true  to tradition of all artists who take great pride in their work, John has personalised our sign with his name – but you will not spot it easily – all part of his artistry. To quote Mr Claydon ‘..Mevagissey and Stanway will now have links forever..’. Two excerpts from Mr Claydon’s previous endeavours are, to quote from Lesly Byard 1970, ‘John Claydon drew avidly and painted from childhood obtaining a County Art award, thence becoming a full time student of art. He has extensively exhibited in all medias:-portraits, landscapes, cartoons and commercial work. Described by his colleagues as an artist of sincerity and dedication, investing his work with personal placidity’. Second excerpt is from Samuel Dodwell who wrote – quote ‘John Claydon lives in Mevagissey, his contact with the area and its people has inspired memorable portraits, sketches and landscapes. He is a skilled draughtsman with a devotion to nature and he paints with realism and vigour. Exhibitions he has taken part in include the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours and numerous galleries in and around London’.


I hope you will enjoy your sign, which is located on Chapel Green, at the junction of Villa Road and Chapel Road. It was unveiled by one of the oldest residents of Stanway, Mrs May Burton, on Saturday 10th December 1988, and was dedicated by the Rev. A F Bell and Mr A Went. I trust it will serve a proud reminder to future generations how Stanway was, and I dedicate this document to all Stanway People, past, present and future as a reminder that we were, in 1988, a close knit community, and more importantly, still a village.


St Albright’s Church

The foundation was thought o be around 560 a.d., in Saxon times and was a small chapel type building. Definate history does not begin until about 1364, and the style and size of the Church, as it is today, was created around 1826.


Oliver’s Barn

Once a thatched barn, built around the turn of the century, and still stands in Oliver’s Lane. The building has now been converted into a private dwelling with the internal timber framework still intact.


Toll House

Unique to Stanway, this tiny hexagonal house – affectionately known as the Round House – stood on the south side of London Road, almost opposite Cherry Tree Farm. Obviously built to collect the old time road tolls of yesteryear. The building was demolished around 1954, and the site is now part of the large Tollgate Business Estate.


The Zoo

The elephant symbol points the way, nationally, to the Zoo, which is a feature of Stanway. Situated on the Maldon Road, the Zoo was first opened in 1963 by Mr & Mrs Farrar, and was called Stanway Zoo. This was later changed to Colchester Zoo, and in 1983 was taken over by Mr & Mrs D Tropeano, and the name was then changed to The New Colchester Zoo. The Zebra, also associated with the Zoo, features because when first established, all the vehicles belonging to the Zoo were painted in conspicuous black and white sripes, to look like mobile zebras.


London Plane Tree

This very large and beautiful tree stands on Swan Green, and was planted by the parishioners of Stanway at  the Coronation of His Majesty King Edward VII, 1902. The circular metal seat which surrounds the tree was erected to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of His Majesty King George V on May 6, 1935.


Evergreen Oak Tree

Once stood in the grounds of a children’s home in Villa Road called Stanway Villa. The original building has been demolished and private properties now stand on this site, but the tree still stands resplendently at the foot of a local residents garden.



Cants were very popular rose growers in the village, and were first established in 1765. Theeirr premises were housed in the one time White Hart Farm on Hart Hill, and they called their growing area ‘Braiswick Rose Gardens’. The site is now the home of a garden centre.


Stanway Comprehensive School Coat of Arms

The school, in Winstree Road was built in the early 1960’s, and was involved with the initial sketch for the Village Sign.


Grateful acknowledgements to:-

Mr Ken Coulson – for his photography

Mr Knight – Comprehensive School, for the initial sketch

Mrs D Tropeano – Zoo, for her contribution

Mr John Claydon – talented artist/craftsman extraordinaire

Mr Goody – Deejay Joinery, supply and installation of supporting structure

Mr P Cottee – preparation and completion of site work

Mrs J Orpen-Smellie – for her donation of spring bulbs

The Evangelical Church – for the generous use of their premises, and providing refreshments

Last and by no means least, my husband Ray – but for him this project of mine would not have reached completion, his encouragement and help were invaluable.


  1. Presentation of our Community Champions Awards


Cllr C M Spademan explained that it was now time to honour the Community. It was a huge pleasure to say thank you and recognise all that you do and hoped to have more awards next year.


Cllr C M Spademan then gave the following awards:


Lydia Webb – Best Neighbour

George Spooner – Best Neighbour

Mrs Carrington – Community Champion for her upkeep of the Blackberry Road flower planters.


In conclusion of the evening, the Chairman thanked all those who had attended, together with Mr Ray Cheverton for his interesting and informative presentation and the meeting closed at 8.39pm.


Amanda Ward

Clerk’s Assistant                                                                                                         13th April 2018





Signed………………………………………..                                                              Date: April 2019