Annual Parish Meeting | 20 April 2017 at 7:30pm






FROM 7.30pm


  1. Attendance and Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting
  3. Matters Arising from the Minutes of 21ST April 2016
  4. PARISH COUNCIL Chairman’s Report
  5. Village Hall Management Committee Chairman’s Report
  6. Residents Forum 


PRESENTATION BY MR DICK BARTON ON HIS TIME AS A Head teacher of Stanway primary school and how Stanway has changed since then.


Cllr John Spademan

Chairman of Stanway Parish Council

10TH April 2016



Held on Thursday, 20th April 2017
At 7.30pm at the VICTORY HALL

1. Attendance and Apologies for Absence

The following Parish Councillors were in attendance: – Cllrs J Spademan (Parish Council Chairman), J Cartwright, D Chambers, P Dundas, D Fowles, D Jordan T J Manning J Norton and C.M Spademan.

Apologies were received from Cllrs D Bloomfield and S.F.Mann.

Also in attendance: – Ann Longman and Teresa Baines Stanway Village Hall Management Committee, Dick Barton and 3 members of the Public.

2. Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting

PROPOSED Cllr J Spademan SECONDED Cllr J Cartwright and unanimously RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting held on 21st April 2016.

The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 16th April 2015 were then signed by the Chairman as a true record.

3. Matters arising from the Minutes of 21st April 2016

• Minute 3 McDonald’s litter issues. The resident asked what area McDonalds monitor and collect litter from. Also Frankie and Benny’s litter issues

Cllr Norton told the meeting that he was tasked to write a letter on behalf of the community events committee in regards litter from McDonalds.

• Minute 5 New community centre when is it going to happen?

The Chairman asked members from the planning committee to answer this question with the answer being that plans have been seen for this but controversy regarding parking issues Faye Mathers from Colchester Borough Council is dealing with this matter.

• Minute 9 Stanway Residents have only 4 members at present but will still take part in the re-launch of the Neighbourhood Plan in May but if no other members come forward they will disband this voluntary group.

4. Parish Council Chairman’s Report

Stanway Village Annual Parish meeting

John Spademan
Chair of Stanway Parish Council
Welcome to one and all.
Housekeeping, in case of an emergency the fire exits are to my left and the way you came in. There are toilets if you need them in the foyer area. There will be refreshments available at the interval.
I was elected as Chair of Stanway Parish Council last May and it has been my honour to serve in this capacity. Being a Parish Councillor has it challenges and rewards. It is difficult to prepare someone for the role. Now being the Chair of a Council has greater challenges and potentially greater rewards. Although this year has been primarily a series of challenges with somewhat deferred rewards.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support that has been given to me by Councillors, Staff and residents of Stanway.
A few Councillors have moved on and left vacancies, some have physically moved from the area, some have found new challenges (one training towards the Priesthood) others have found they can just no longer serve. We have had two new Councillors, but vacancies still remain.
The role of the Parish Clerk is not always fully appreciated. We see one of our Clerks at our meetings and see the agendas and minutes. We don’t always see the work that seems to never end acting on behalf of the Council and people of Stanway. Sadly we have seen more challenges with our staff this last twelve months. Both our Parish Clerk Colleen Moss and our Assistant Clerk Amanda Ward have had personal family matters to attend to. They have always given their all to the work of the Council. To help with the work load we took on an Office Administration Assistant last September Caroline Jenkins. Colleen was signed off work for the last four months of 2016. We had four different locum Clerk over that time.
Again sadly both Colleen and Caroline have both independently recently put in their notice. It was encouraging to see the generous level of giving by Councillors toward leaving gifts for each of them, but emotional time saying goodbye to them.
We have started a new Parish Clerk Teresa Devine, who has had a busy three weeks and in Great Dunmow training today. So won’t be with us tonight, but she is currently beavering away in the Parish Office. I am sure you will all welcome her to her new role when you get a chance to contact her.
We had hoped to ask you what you thought of our new website, but it has been difficult getting things changed with permissions with BT. We think we are closer to having it up and running.
Hopefully you will have seen our new style Newsletter in Stanway Life magazine. I think most if not all the feedback we have had to date has been in support of this move. It has reduced our work load considerably and taken £4,000 from our budget. We have negotiated having our items in for free. Along with any community events information going in for free. If you don’t already use the Stanway Life then please consider doing so.
We get involved in monitoring meetings with the Quarry and Landfill site. Also we are working in conjunction with the Quarry and Zoo to improve the junction of Maldon Road and Warren Lane.
Hopefully you will have responded to the A12 and A120 consultations. The A12 work is scheduled to go ahead in 2020, the timing of the A120 work has yet to be confirmed. Our section of the A12 is currently regarded by Highways England as being uncontested. If so then when we have the rest of the A12 with three lanes and the A120 with two lanes then our section of the A12 will be the new bottleneck. We are already raising this with them, but it is unclear how long we will have to wait.
You may have noticed the 7½ acres of lands that has been opened up alongside the new bypass road. Also we should be seeing works come forward for a new Community Centre in the same area, possibly later this year or early next year.
I would like to thank the Community Development Fund for working with Stanway Village Hall Management Committee to secure over £500,000 through Colchester Borough Council for the renovation of our Village Hall. It has in recent years started to look rather tired and appear neglected. SVHMC do a great service to us all managing the three Halls and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them.
You will be aware that our Planning Committee constantly look at and monitor all planning that comes to their attention. We even took out along with residents a barrister to challenge the plans to build on SR6 site. It is one of the highest places in Stanway and had been down to have trees planted and remain a green space. This went to the Secretary of State and we are disappointed that we weren’t successful, but recently our dialogue with CBC has improved. We did support the Stane Park development and that one came out in our favour. Stanway is difficult is get a seat in one of our eateries most nights. With the new Steak House now open and with these six new outlets Stanway will be the safest place for families to eat out for more people. It is unclear yet as to which way the Tollage Village development will go, this is still to be determined. It has been in the Parish Plan since 2008 for Stanway to have a Cinema. We await the outcome.
Comb Meadow has had a lot of attention and trees and bushes have been placed along the boundary to enhance further the environment. It is not the easiest business to be in, but in these financially challenging times we do offer very competitive rates compared to many others.
Our recreational facilities and open spaces are constantly monitored. We are always on the look out for funding opportunities to augment the funds available to the Council to improve and add to these sites. We do have a sink hole in one of our MPGA courts. We have some monies set aside but have yet to complete the work.
We are looking at the whole way the Council functions and think the Parish Council is too dominant at this Annual Parish meeting. We are looking at any and all ideas this year to get every organisation; charity, church, school, youth facilities (including Scouts etc.) and possibly businesses to show their wares here. I have asked the Community Events Committee Chair to look into us giving out community awards for various things. Possibly best Neighbour, best kept garden, best community friend. This list is for debate and others will come up with better ideas.
We are also look at the cost and funding to our stock of street lights with new LED ones. Once replaced our annual costs will be reduced and give us more flexibility with our annual budget. We always strive to keep our precept to the lowest level possible. Hopefully the level can be kept down for the foreseeable future.
We are now in what was local Essex County Council elections, but now the General election will probably overshadow that. I would encourage everyone to get out and vote if not for then against someone or something.
Thank you all for listening intently.

5. Village Hall Management Committee Chairman’s Report

Anne Longman
Chair of Stanway Village Hall Management Committee

Good evening. Having reread my report notes for the last 3 years, stating that we hoped the refurbishment would take place during the forthcoming year I am so pleased to announce that this year it WILL take place. Progress with the refurbishment of the Village Hall had been very slow but I can confirm that the builders will be moving in on 22 July for 6 weeks. For those of you who haven’t seen the plans I can confirm that all our proposed changes will be happening, if not in the first phase then certainly in the second. Thanks, must go to John Spademan who has been able to sought out the processes required to enable us to get the most work done from the money available with the claiming of vat.
During the work our hirers will all rehoused in the other halls where possible and others at the Scout hut. The school summer holidays are much quieter than the rest of the year with our hirers so it will cause the least disruption to their bookings.
There is still an issue with the front door but we are endeavouring to make sure we have a front door that is suitable for purpose.
Also in the pipeline is our new Website. This should be up and running shortly, and hopefully bringing in some much-needed weekend bookings.
This year our bookings have increased and except for Saturday/Sundays the halls are practically in use all week.
We are still a very small committee and my thanks must go to all the committee members especially the exceptional work of our Secretary Teresa Baines who has worked tirelessly for the halls, also to Robert Wopling, our Vice chair, who is always readily available to assist with contractors. We now have Ann Norton on board which has relieved Teresa of some of the financial side of business. During this year we have introduced on-line banking which our customers have embraced. Thanks also to Carol Hardisty our booking clerk.
Our 2 caretakers continue to work hard in keeping the halls in top order for all the hirers and are as excited as the committee to be able to work in the new Village Hall.

6. Residents Forum

• .There is a damaged kerb on the corner of the path that leads from Warren Farm to Church Lane. The footpath is 54” wide but the damage is 27” wide the length of damage is 38” long as Resident A has a Motability scooter that is 27” wide it is a very dangerous place to cross bearing in mind that traffic is coming from Villa Road, Blackberry Road and Warren Lane.

This matter will be referred to Planning Committee.

• What is the possibility of installing a 20 mph on Holly Road?

It is not possible to have a 20 mph road on a bus route.

• When heavy rain came, it lifted up the tarmac on Holly Road, this section of the road initially had orange markings which indicate a 2 month date from markings to the work being completed. However the orange markings are no longer there to give an indication when this work is to be done.

This matter will be referred to Planning Committee.

• Villa Road has finally been resurfaced but it still has to be repainted any indication when this will be done?

The Clerk will chase this matter up.

• Speeding Lorries come down Villa Road. What can be done about this as it is an accident waiting to happen?

Stanway Parish Council does have access to a speed watch camera but requires volunteers to operate this. If anyone is interested then they should contact the clerk.

• The parade of shops on Blackberry Road has had a parking fiasco. Resident A has had over £300 in fines but now there is no parking signs so were asking for clarity on this situation. The parking signs were installed by a private company.

The Chairman unfortunately was unable to give this as this is private land and to his understanding the signs were not legal so they shouldn’t have given these fines.

Cllr P. Thompson stated that the land owner was doing as he saw fit .He knew of someone else who had a fine but avoided as it wasn’t a legal challenge.

Cllr D. Dundas informed Resident A that it is nothing to do with Essex Highways.

The Chairman asked Resident A if the sign said you would get a fine?

Resident A responded yes it did.

• When is the telephone box being taken away from Multi York as it was supposed to be taken away last March?

No answer could be given to this question as this question needed more research.

7. Presentation by Dick Barton former head of Stanway Primary School

Cllr J, Spademan, Parish Council Chairman welcomed Mr Dick Barton and invited him to address the meeting.

In conclusion of the evening, the Chairman thanked all those who had attended, together with Mr Dick Barton for his interesting and informative presentation and the meeting closed at 9.23pm.