Annual Parish Meeting | 25 May 2017 at 7:00pm


Minutes of the Meeting held on Thursday, 25th May 2017




300.  Election of Chairman of the Council

Proposed:   Cllr D Jordan proposed that Cllr J Spademan be elected Chairman.

Seconded:  Cllr P Thompson

Unanimously Resolved:  To appoint Cllr J Spademan as Chairman for the ensuing

Municipal Year.


301.  Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr Spademan offered his thanks for the nomination and declared his acceptance

of office.


302.  Election of Deputy Chairman of the Council

The Chairman asked for nominations for a Deputy Chairman.


Proposed:   Cllr D Chambers proposed that Cllr T Manning be elected as Deputy


Seconded:  Cllr D Bloomfield

Unanimously Resolved:  To appoint Cllr T Manning as Deputy Chairman for the

Ensuing Municipal Year.


303. In Attendance:  Cllr J Spademan (Chairman), Cllr D Bloomfield, Cllr J Cartwright,

Cllr D Chambers, Cllr D Fowles, Cllr D Jordan, Cllr S Mann, Cllr T Manning,

Cllr J Norton, Cllr C Spademan and Cllr P Thompson.


Also in attendance:  Miss T Devine (Clerk), Miss A Ward, Mrs L Scott-Boutell.


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr P Dundas and Cllr I Wancerska.


304. Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of pecuniary interest.


305. Public Participation

Three members of the public were present.


306. Co-option of Parish Councillors

There were no co-optees.


307. New Community Structure

Cllr Spademan proposed that the Multi Purpose Games Area Committee be placed

Under Parks and Gardens, a new structure outlined in a plan circulated with the

Agenda.  This proposal was seconded by Cllr Thompson.


Cllr Bloomfield objected to the proposal because there are 2 co-optees who regularly

attend the MPGA Committee Meetings and they are unable to meet on Wednesday

evenings, as would be necessary under the proposed new structure.


Proposed:  Cllr Bloomfield

Seconded: Cllr J Spademan

Unanimously Resolved:  To let the present structure remain in place.



308. Appointment to Committees and Sub Committees

All Councillors present expressed their wish to remain as members of the Committees

on which they sit for another municipal year with the following changes:


Cllr D Fowles wishes to no longer sit on the Neighbourhood Plan Committee but prefers to

attend in an advisory capacity and Cllr D Bloomfield will no longer be a member of the

Recreation Areas Committee and Community Events Committee.


Cllr C Spademan volunteered to sit on the Neighbourhood Plan Committee.


Proposed:   Cllr J Spademan

Seconded:  Cllr S Mann

Unanimously Resolved:  To accept these changes as outlined in the Minute.


309. Co-option of Non-Members

Cllr Bloomfield proposed that the co-optees who already attend MPGA Meetings



Proposed:  Cllr Bloomfield

Seconded:  Cllr D Chambers

Unanimously Resolved:  To accept Mr K Patrio and Mr Jones as co-optees.


310. Appointment of Parish Council Representatives to Outside Bodies/Positions

All Cllrs who sit on Outside Bodies agreed to do so again for the forthcoming

Municipal year.


Proposed:  Cllr J Spademan

Seconded: Cllr D Chambers

Unanimously Resolved:      For each Cllr involved to remain as a representative of an outside

body as for the previous year.


311. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 27th April 2017

Proposed:  Cllr J Spademan

Seconded:  Cllr D Chambers

Unanimously Resolved:  To accept the Minutes of the Meeting held on 27th April 2017.


312. Zoning Team

Mr C Harrison from the Zoning Team explained to the Council that a restructure

had taken place within the team.  The new structure comprised the following areas:

Stanway/Lexton/Baywich/Rural North.  West Stanway is in Zone One but the 2 teams

work side by side.


The Committee was informed that Zoning Team members have:


  1.  Received instruction in Counter-Terrorism from Essex Police;
  2. Been involved in walk-in sessions for the new waste disposal bins and road closures within the locality;
  3. Taken on all the Elections.


The Committee was also informed that the Zoning Teams would be taking part

in litter picks with McDonalds from the end of June and would also be litter picking

the A12 from Marks Tey to Dedham.


On 7th June the Team would be at Sainsburys’ again to promote re-cycling.  (On the

previous roadshow 906 recycling rolls were distributed and 600 lots of recycling



Cllr C Spademan reported that the bins near Franky and Benny’s

were often overflowing.  Mr Harrison informed the Committee that courtesy visits

to resolve this matter had taken place. The area is owned by the Tollgate

Partnership and he had spoken to them about their duty of care which includes keeping

100 metres round about the business area clean.  The Zoning Team had already helped to

clean up the area on 6 occasions.


Cllr J Norton also mentioned the general mess around the area.

Mr Harrison will try to set up a meeting with all members of the Tollgate Partnership.

He did inform the Committee that the Teams have to be careful of traffic when litter

picking so are trying to resolve the matter at source.


Mr Harrison also reported that he had moved on 2 adult drinkers whom he had found

in the Youth Garden on a previous visit.  During the month of May 6 drinkers in total

were moved on and warned of the legal powers held by the Zoning Team.


The Bollard in Swan Green had been put in place.


Mr Harrison was aware of the problems locally.  There have been staffing cuts to

the Team.  3 operatives empty 380 bins 3 times a week and the Zoning Team works

with 3 other agencies but staffing is small.


Cllr Chambers questioned Mr Harrison about the work that was not being done.

Mr Harrison explained that the Team are under pressure but are on top of their

workload.  Some of his staff even do work for the team on their own time.


The Chairman thanked Mr Harrison for attending the meeting and wished him and his

Team well.


313.  Clerk’s Report

In addition to the written report which had been circulated, the Clerk informed the

Committee that the internal auditor had recommended that a Minute Book be kept

in which a copy of all signed Minutes are kept instead of in individual files/folders

relating to each specific Committee.  The Clerk requested that, should any

Committee wish to keep a copy on file as well to inform her.


A request to use the Playing Field on 24th July in conjunction with an event in the

Victory Hall had been received.


A discussion took place and it was agreed in principle to let the booking go ahead

as long as the field was not already in use and that the appropriate insurance was



314.  Borough and County Councillors’ Reports


Cllr L Scott-Boutell reported that she is now Deputy Chairman of the Trading

Board and hoped to be able generate income to funding cuts.


Cllr J Scott-Boutell has been appointed to Cabinet – Portfolio Holder for Waste and Sustainability.


Cllr L Scott-Boutell informed the Committee of the following:

  1. Duggard House – although this had been a Prior Application and this usually

means that it will be approved, it had been rejected.  Cllr Scott-Boutell would

send further information through to the Clerk.

  1. The folly between Chapel Road and Villa Road was not deemed to be a “no mans’ land.  The grass surrounding the area was cut once a year but this was

not sufficient.  There was now funding to support this but it would be delayed for

a time to account for bird nesting.

  1. The Cllr is more than happy to be involved with the Neighbourhood Plan.


The Chairman thanked Cllr Scott-Boutell for her report.


315.   Committee Reports


16.1. Recreational Areas Committee – 19th April 2017

The Minutes were accepted with the amendment of Cllr D Cartwright to be

Changed to Cllr J Cartwright.


All other Minutes were accepted as written.

Proposed:  Cllr C Spademan

Seconded: Cllr J Norton

Unanimously Agreed:  To accept the Minutes as a true and accurate record.


316.   Reports from Outside Bodies

There were no reports.


317.   Payment of Cheques

Proposed:  Cllr D Bloomfield

Seconded:  Cllr P Thompson

Unanimously Agreed:  To approve the expenditure and sign the cheques.


318.  Annual Return for the Year Ended 31st March 2017


  1.  Proposed:  Cllr J Spademan, Seconded: Cllr D Jordan, Unanimously Agreed:

To approve the monthly expenditure.

  1.  Proposed:  Cllr J Spademan, Seconded: Cllr D Chambers, Unanimously Agreed:

To approve the 2016/17 annual governance statements as set out in the 2016/17

Annual Return.

  1.  Proposed:  Cllr J Spademan, Seconded: Cllr P Thompson, Unanimously Agreed:

To approve the 2016/17 annual accounting statements as set out in the 2016/17

Annual Return.

  1. Resolved:  Cllr J Spademan, Seconded:  Cllr C Spademan, Unanimously Agreed:

To approve the 2016/17 year end budget.

  1.  Agreed:  That the Internal Audit Report should be considered at the next meeting of the Internal Audit Committee.


Cllr P Thompson enquired about the origin of the outstanding loan.  Cllr J Spademan

Informed the Committee that a Public Works Loan had been taken out when

Stanway Parish Council built Victory Hall.

319.  To approve a list of Annual Subscriptions

This item was deferred to the next Full Council Meeting.


320.  Stanway in Bloom

Cllr P Thompson informed the Committee that the planters in Blackberry Road

which had been watered by an elderly parishioner since 2013 until recently when she

had asked for help with the watering.  The Colchester Fuschia Society had

stepped in to help.  Cllr Thompson wanted to extend the scope for planters in

Stanway as the ones already in place had brought a benefit to the Parish by

improving the appearance of the area.


Cllr Thompson wished to receive feedback from the Council on the idea of a

“Stanway in Bloom”.


Cllr J Spademan informed the Council that there was no budget to sponsor

this proposed project.


Cllr J Cartwright suggested that Wyevale Garden Centre be approached as a

possible sponsor.


321.  Use of Village Hall Car Park


The following points were discussed:

  1.  Cllr Spademan informed the Council that there will be 2 way traffic around

the hall for 6 weeks while the refurbishment work is in progress;

The Chairman also spoke of the possibility of extending the car park.  The

Clerk’s Assistant reminded the Council that the field area was a Greenfield

Site and so this may not be possible and that the Victory Hall Management

Committee would need Planning Permission;

  1. Cllr Chambers informed the Council of a suggestion made by the Locum

Clerk, Mr Harkin – that if the chevrons on the right side of the hall were marked

out in a particular way so that parking easily was only possible if a car approached from the correct direction, this would make parking sufficiently difficult for those driving in the wrong direction to deter them.


The Chairman recommended that this matter be further investigated for the

Launch of the refurbished Victory Hall in September 2017. Cllr Chambers would

gather more information.


322.  “Love Stanway” Event

Two members of the public who represent local churches spoke to the Council

about a proposed event to take place on Silver Witch Green on Saturday, 15th


The event would comprise barbeques and stalls and a small stage with music

from 2.00 pm in the afternoon.

The churches involved are:  St Allbrights, Bethel, Stanway Evangelical and

Methodist.  The churches have liability insurance and would make sure that

the event was covered.  Cars would be able to park in the Evangelical Church

car park.


Mr Harrison from the Zoning Team informed the Council that a form from the

Borough Council would need to be completed but there should be no problems.


Cllr C Spademan suggested that local residents should be forwarned of the

Event owing to any possible noise from the music.


Proposed:  Cllr J Spademan

Seconded:  Cllr T Manning

Resolved:  To agree to the holding of this event on the 15th July subject to

Approval from the Borough Council.

(One Cllr abstained from the Resolution.)


323. Information Update


Cllr C Spademan informed the Council that the Elvis Tribute poster was now

on display.  The tribute would take place on Saturday, 30th September 2017.


324.  Items for Committee/Next Council Meeting


To approve the use of the Playing Field for a fund raising event on Saturday,

July 15th 2017.



325.  Date and Time of Next Meeting


The next Full Council Meeting will be held on Thursday, 28th June 2017 at

7.00 pm in the Victory Hall, Villa Road, Stanway.
















































Part Two


326.  Exclusion of the Public and Press


Members of the public left the Council Meeting for the following items.


327.  Office Administration Assistant


It was agreed that the Staffing Committee would meet to consider the details

for the post of a new office administration assistant.


328.  Clerk’s Assistant’s Home Working Allowance


It was reported that there was a difference in the figures for the back payment

which the Clerical Assistant held and those suggested for adoption at the last

Meeting of the Policy and Finance Committee held on 10th May 2017.


A short discussion took place and it was decided that the figures should be looked

at again.


Cllr Spademan, the Clerk and the Clerk’s Assistant would discuss the matter and

it would be referred to the Policy and Finance Committee to be held on 14th June



329.  Clerk’s Overtime


It was agreed that the Clerk would be paid for overtime worked on Saturday,

29th April 2017.


Signed………………………………………………..                           Date:  29th June 2017