Full Council | 26 April 2018 at 7:00pm


Dear Councillor

You are hereby summoned to attend the PARISH COUNCIL Meeting to be held on Thursday, 26th April 2018 in THE VICTORY HALL at 7.00PM

Yours faithfully

Teresa Devine

Clerk to the Parish Council 16th April 2018 PART A

are vacancies.

6. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 29th March 2018

To approve the Minutes (previously circulated) as a true and accurate record.

7. Adoption of Committee Reports

a) Planning Committee: To move the adoption of the Minutes of the Planning Committee Meetings

Tuesday 20th March 2018 and 3rd April 2018.

b) Policy and Finance Committee: To move the adoption of the Minutes of the Policy and Finance

Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 14th March 2018;

c) Community Events Committee: To move the adoption of the Minutes of the Community Events

Committee held on Wednesday, 21st February 2018;

d) Parks and Recreation Areas Committee: To move the adoption of the Minutes of the Parks and Recreation

Areas Committee held on Wednesday, 21st February 2018.

8. Clerk’s Report

To receive a report from the Clerk.

9. Borough Councillors’ and County Councillor’s Reports

To receive an oral or written report from any Borough Councillor, or County Councillor, and to give them the

opportunity to respond to any issues raised in Public Participation.

10. Payment of Cheques

To approve the payment of cheques for April 2018.

11. Financial Report

To receive a Financial Report (previously circulated).

12. Village Hall Refurbishment

To receive an update and to consider any matters related to Phases One and 2.

13. Staffing Committee

a) To consider the recommendation of the Policy and Finance Committee for the formation of a Staffing

Committee instead of a Staffing Sub-Committee and to agree the new Terms of Reference;

b) To elect members to the new Staffing Committee if the proposal is adopted.

14. Arrangements for use of Tollgate Car Park by parents of children at Stanway Primary School and

Barnes Construction

To consider the way forward for use of the car park.

15. Stanway Rovers Girls’ Football Team

To ratify the decision of the Policy and Finance Committee to support the organization in finding

suitable ground on which to practice and play.

16. Internal Auditor

To consider whether to invite Mr G Mussett to be Stanway Parish Council’s Internal Auditor for the

Financial Year 2018/19..

17. Winstree Road Travel Plan

To receive an update.

18. Local Highways Panel

To appoint new members to the Local Highways Panel.

19. Assets and Inventory Register

To ratify the decision of the Policy and Finance Committee to accept the Assets and Inventory

Register as presented.

20. Reports from Outside Bodies: To receive reports from Councillors

20.1 Colchester Association of Local Councils

20.2 Village Hall Management Committee

20.3 School Governors

20.4 Quarry Liaison Group

20.5 Footpath/Tree Warden/Hedgerow Officer

20.6 Bus Passenger Representative

20.7 Rosemary Alms Houses

20.8 Local Communities Action Panel

21. Playing Field Requests

To consider and approve any requests to use the Playing Field.

22. Parish Council Facebook Page

To receive an update if applicable

23. Information Update

To receive oral updates from Members on matters affecting the Parish

24. Items for Committees/ Next Council Meeting

To receive and consider requests for items to be included on Agendas for Committees or Council.

25. Date and time of Next Meeting

The next Meeting of Stanway Parish Council will take place on Thursday, 31st May 2018

at 7.00 pm in the Victory Hall, Villa Road.

Minutes are not yet available.