Full Council | 29 March 2018 at 7:00pm


Dear Councillor

You are hereby summoned to attend the PARISH COUNCIL Meeting to be held on Thursday, 29th March 2018 in THE VICTORY HALL at 7.00PM

Yours faithfully

Teresa Devine

Clerk to the Parish Council 22nd March 2018 PART A

1. Attendance and Apologies for Absence

To record attendance and reasons for absence.

2. Declaration of Interests

To allow Councillors to declare either a Disclosable Pecuniary, Other Pecuniary or Registerable Non-Pecuniary interest on any matter covered by this Agenda. Members are reminded that, when considering any item, if it becomes clear they have an interest they must declare it.

3. Public Participation

The Chairman to invite members of the public to indicate if they wish to speak at this meeting – either on an item on the agenda or on a general matter. Public questions are invited prior to the start of the meeting for a maximum of 10 minutes and limited to 3 minutes per person at the discretion of the Chairman.

Recording of Meetings: Should anyone wish to record a Committee or Council Meeting the Clerk

must be informed prior to the start of the meeting in order that the Council can comply with Data

Protection Regulations.

4. Essex Parking Partnership

To receive a presentation on the work of the Essex Parking Partnership.

5. Co-option of Parish Councillors

To consider the co-option of Parish Councillors. Members are reminded of the need to declare

any interest they may have in relation to any of the co-optees.

6. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 22nd February 2018

To approve the Minutes (previously circulated) as a true and accurate record.

7. Adoption of Committee Reports

a) Planning Committee: To move the adoption of the Minutes of the Planning Committee Meetings

Tuesday 6th March and 20th March 2018;

b) Policy and Finance Committee: To move the adoption of the Minutes of the Policy and Finance

Committee Meeting held on Wednesday, 14th March 2018;

c) Community Events Committee: To move the adoption of the Minutes of the Community Events

Committee held on Wednesday, 21st February 2018;

d) Parks and Recreation Areas Committee: To move the adoption of the Minutes of the Parks and Recreation

Areas Committee held on Wednesday, 21st February 2018.

8. Clerk’s Report

To receive a report from the Clerk.

9. Borough Councillors’ and County Councillor’s Reports

To receive an oral or written report from any Borough Councillor, or County Councillor, and to give them the

opportunity to respond to any issues raised in Public Participation.

10. Payment of Cheques

To approve the payment of cheques for March 2018.

11. Financial Report

To receive a Financial Report (previously circulated).

12. Village Hall Refurbishment

To receive an update and to consider any matters related to Phases One and 2.

13. Shore Engineering

To consider using Shore Engineering as the company to be used for ‘building control approval’

for Stanway Village Hall Phase 2 works.

14. Arrangements for use of Tollgate Car Park by parents of children at Stanway Primary School and

Barnes Construction

To consider the way forward for use of the car park.

15. Update on VAT

To receive and update on VAT.

16. Asset Register 2018

To review the Asset Register.

17. Review of Corporate Governance

To review the Corporate Governance document.

18. Parish Council Facebook Page

To receive an update.

19. Winstree Road Travel Plan

To receive an update.

20. Reports from Outside Bodies: To receive reports from Councillors

20.1 Colchester Association of Local Councils

20.2 Village Hall Management Committee

20.3 School Governors

20.4 Quarry Liaison Group

20.5 Footpath/Tree Warden/Hedgerow Officer

20.6 Bus Passenger Representative

20.7 Rosemary Alms Houses

20.8 Local Communities Action Panel

21. Playing Field Requests

To consider and approve any requests to use the Playing Field.

22. Information Update

To receive oral updates from Members on matters affecting the Parish.

23. Items for Committees/ Next Council Meeting

To receive and consider requests for items to be included on Agendas for Committees or Council.

24. Date and time of Next Meeting

To confirm the date and time of the next meeting scheduled to take place on Thursday, 26th April

2018 at 7.00 pm in the Victory Hall, Villa Road.



Held on THURSDAY, 29TH MARCH 2018 at

7:00pm at the VICTORY HALL ____________________________________________________________________

127. Attendance and Apologies for Absence

Present: Cllr J Spademan (Chairman)

Cllr D Bloomfield

Cllr D Chambers

Cllr D Jordan

Cllr T Manning

Cllr C Spademan

Cllr P Thompson

In Attendance: Miss T Devine (Clerk)

Miss Teresa Baines, Village Hall Management Committee

Mr J Hagen

Mrs K Marking

Cllr L Scott-Boutell

3 Representatives from the North Essex Parking


Michael Adamson, Shane Taylor and Paul Seabright

Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr P Dundas and Cllr I Wancerska.

An apology was also received from Borough Councillor J Scott-Boutell

RESOLVED: That the apologies be accepted.

128. Resignation

Cllr J Spademan informed the Committee that a letter of resignation had been received from Cllr D Fowles prior to the Meeting.

129. Declaration of Interests

There were no declarations made.

130. Public Participation

Seven members of the public were present.

131. North Essex Parking Partnership

The members of the Essex Parking Partnership spoke to the Council through an open

question and answer session.

It was noted that the Partnership can only deal with stationary vehicles: problems

caused by moving vehicles are in the remit of the police. The rules concerning

yellow lines can be applied to people parking on a pavement area by the yellow lines.

Restrictions can only be put in place if a parking order exists – if not it is a matter for

the police.

The representatives were thanked for attending and left the meeting at this point.

132. Co-Options

Both Mr Hagan and Mrs Marking spoke to the Council for a short time to

present their reasons for wishing to be co-opted onto the Parish Council.

Mr Hagen, Mrs Marking and all other members of the public left the Meeting

while the Council considered the applications. The Chairman also informed the

Committee that Ms L Tate had requested to be considered for co-option through a

mobile phone message.

RESOLVED: a) That Mr Hagen should not be co-opted onto the Council;

b) That Mrs Marking be co-opted to the Council;

c) That Ms Tate, who had applied by mobile phone to be

considered for co-option should give a presentation at the next

Full Council meeting and then be considered for co-option.

The Clerk and Mrs Marking left the meeting at this point in order for Mrs Marking to sign

The Declaration of Acceptance form. During this time Cllr L Scott-Boutell gave an

informal account to the Council concerning issues affecting Stanway. Cllr Scott-Boutell

informed the Clerk that she would send a written report for circulation and left the meeting

with Cllr Bloomfield.

133. Membership of Committees

RESOLVED: That Cllr Marking join the Planning Committee, Community

Events Committee and the Parks and Recreation Areas


134. Adoption of Committee Reports

RESOLVED: That adoption of the following Minutes be accepted:

a) Planning – 6th March 2018;

b) Community Events – 21st February 2018;

c) Parks and Recreation Areas – 21st February 2018.

135. Clerk’s Report

The Clerk presented her report to the Council. The following points were noted:

a) The drains by the car park on the exit side of the Hall needed urgent attention

to prevent flooding and this had been agreed by the Chairman and Clerk

in accordance with Point 4.1 of the Financial Regulations.

b) A request had been received from Cllr L Scott-Boutell for support from the

Council for an application she had made to the Local Highways Panel for

Signage between the Butterfly Trail and Dale Close.

RESOLVED: That Stanway Parish Council support the application by

Cllr L Scott-Boutell.

136. Borough Councillor’s Reports

Cllr L Scott-Boutell had given an informal report during the time of the Clerk and

new Councillor’s absence. A written report will be circulated when received.

137. Payment of Cheques

RESOLVED: That the cheques list be approved.

138. Financial Report

RESOLVED: That the financial report be received.

The Clerk informed the Council that 6 bank accounts had now been closed, that the

money held in the former MPGA Savings Account had been transferred

into the main savings account and that the balances from all the other accounts had

been transferred into the Council’s main current account. Details had been previously

sent by email.

Also, half the Precept for the Financial Year 2018/19 had been received from the

Borough Council.

139. Village Hall Refurbishment

Miss Baines presented her report to the Council. The following points were noted:

a) Phase One – outstanding items would be worked on by the contractors

commencing Friday.

b) Phase Two – quotes were being sought for a new wireless hearing loop for the

Main and Tollgate Halls.

c) Miss Baines had won the Yearly Bank Award from the Bank of England which

had given £2,500 to be used for work on the Halls.

d) 150 new cups, mugs and saucers were now available at the Tollgate Hall.

Miss Baines was thanked for her report.

140. Shore Engineering

The Clerk reported that Ingleton Wood had provided 4 quotations from Building

Control Contractors for Phase Two of the work at the Village Hall.

RESOLVED: That Shore Engineering be appointed as the Building Control

Contractor for Phase Two of the work.

A Cheque for £480 was then duly signed by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman

made payable to Shore Engineering in order for their work to commence.

141. Arrangements for the use of Tollgate Car Park by parents of Stanway Primary

School and Barnes Construction.

The Chairman informed the Committee that he and Cllr P Dundas had met

with the Site Foreman from Barnes Construction and an offer had been made

by Barnes to repair the footpath between the Tollgate Car Park and Villa Road

in exchange for permission to park on the Car Park while the construction work

on the school continued. No offer had been received in writing however.

A discussion took place. It was noted that a large area of the car park would be

out of use when Phase Two of the Village Hall Refurbishment work took place

and this would result in restricted use for hirers of the hall, without Barnes

vehicles being present. Secondly, the car park had been damaged by some of

Barnes heavy vehicles and thirdly Barnes had not confirmed their offer of


RESOLVED: a) That Barnes Construction be refused permission to use the

car park and that a letter be sent to them giving the positive

reasons for the the refusal;

b) That Barnes be requested to erect the signs forbidding

Barnes vehicles to park on the car park;

c) The letter to Barnes be copied to the Considerate

Contractors’ Scheme, the School, the Village Hall

Management Committee and Essex County Council.

142. Update on VAT

The Clerk informed the Council that, having attended a course at EALC on

End of Year Accounting and VAT, it had been discovered that the Council is

making two taxable supplies: tickets sold for community events and single-use of

the MPGA sports court.

The Clerk would need to write to HMRC to let them know about the taxable

supplies and it was in the remit of HMRC to decide whether the Council had to

become tax registered. This was unlikely given the small amounts of VAT to be

claimed but it was a legal requirement to inform HMRC.

In the meantime the Community Events Committee should add 20% onto the cost

of any ticket sales or lose the amount to HMRC or, alternatively, a donation could

be requested for events instead of a ticket price.

On the matter of the MPGA, the internal Auditor had recommended that he visit

the Treasurer with the Clerk to ascertain the way the Sports Court is hired out

and set the necessary systems in place to add VAT to court hire fees.

143. Asset Register and Inventory 2018

RESOLVED: That the Asset Register and Inventory 2018 be considered at the

next meeting of the Policy and Finance Committee on 11th April 2018.

144. Corporate Governance

RESOLVED: That the Corporate Governance document be accepted.

145. Parish Council Facebook Page

No report.

146. Winstree Road Travel Plan

It was reported that meetings are taking place.

147. Reports from Outside Bodies

147.1 – CALC – At the meeting which had taken place the previous week GDPR and it’s implications had been discussed. It had been recommended that the Borough Council provide a GDPR Officer who could cover the Parish Council. It was noted that no budget had been put by for any costs which GDPR might produce so that any expenses would be taken from the General Reserve.

The importance of Councillors having separate email addresses for Parish Council

work was raised but no formal decision made.

147.2 – Village Hall Management Committee – No report.

147.3 – School Governors – No report.

147.4 – Quarry Liaison Group – No report.

147.5 Footpath/Tree Warden/Hedgerow Officer – It was reported that the new footpath is officially open.

147.6 – Bus Passenger Representative – A meeting had been held. It had been apparent

that the bus companies know nothing about the Winstree Road Travel Plan. Should anyone have any problems concerning the buses, Cllr D Chambers has contacts.

147.7 – Rosemary Alms Houses – No report.

147.8 – Local Communities Action Panel – No report.

148. Playing Field Requests

No requests had been received to use the Playing Field.

149. Information Update

a) Cllr Thompson reported that Dyers Road was becoming a frequent site for the

dumping of waste. (The Clerk was asked to contact the Zoning Team to see if

they are aware of this matter).

b) Cllr C Spademan announced that Ray Chaverton would be speaking about the Parish

Sign at the Annual Parish Forum on 12th April.

150. Items for Committees


151. Date and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, 29th April 2018 at 7.00 pm in the

Victory Hall.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9.54 pm.

Signed:…………………………………. Date: 29th April 2018