Policy & Finance | 10 October 2018 at 7:00pm

POLICY & FINANCE COMMITTEE meeting held on WEDNESDAY 10th. October 2018 at 7pm in the COMMITTEE ROOM, Victory Hall


Dear Councillors

You are hereby summoned to forthcoming Policy & Finance meeting of Stanway Parish Council to be held at the Committee Room on WEDNESDAY 10th. OCTOBER 2018 7pm for the purpose of transacting the business ONLY shown on the Agenda


Kevin B. Money

Locum Clerk/RFO to the Parish Council 3rd. October 2018


298. Chairman welcome

299. Apologies for absence

300. Declaration of Interest

Councillors to declare a Disclosable Pecuniary, Other Pecuniary or Registerable Non-Pecuniary interest on any matters covered by this Agenda. Members are reminded that, when considering any item, if it becomes clear they have an interest they must declare it.

301. Public Participation

The Chairman to invite members of the public to indicate if they wish to speak at this meeting – either on an item on the Agenda or on a general matter not on this Agenda. You should indicate your wish to speak, to the Clerk, prior to the start of the meeting. A max. of 5 minutes in total will be allowed

302. Minutes of the Policy & Finance Committee meeting of 12th. September 2018

To approve the Minutes of the Meeting which was held on 12.09.18 (previously circulated)

303. Clerk Report

  1. a) Update on Clerk / RFO vacancy
  2. b) Consider varying the Standing Orders on the matter of a Councillor being on one of our three standing Committees: Community Events, Planning, Policy & Finance (previously discussed at Full Council meeting)
  3. c) CBC’s policing joint enterprise – Cllr P. Thompson

304. Finance

  1. a. To receive a Budget report & Bank Reconciliation
  2. b. To approve intermediate expenditure and sign cheques (circulated to Councillors at the meeting)
  3. c. To consider the process for the preparation of the first draft of the budget/precept for the following month

305. Village Hall

  1. a) The next project is Tollgate Hall – Cllr T. Baines

306. Car Park – To discuss any issues concerning the use of the Car Park.

  1. a) To update on the repair to the pathway between Tollgate car park and Villa Road opposite Stanway Primary School. Colne Contractors (15.10.18)
  2. b) To consider the bollards replacement and a possible gate for the overflow car park area

307. Local Highways Panel – To consider any matters arising from the Local Highways Panel.

308. Highways Budget Project – To consider being part of the County Council Highways Project

309. Information Update – To receive oral updates from Members on matters affecting the Parish.

310. To Confirm the Date and Time of the Next Meeting. Wednesday 14th. November 2018 at 7pm

Dates of next meetings: 12.12.18: 09.01.19: 13.02.19: 13.03.19: 10.04.19: 08.05.19: 12.06.19: 10.07.19: 14.08.19: 11.09.19: 09.10.19: 13.11.19: 11.12.19

Minutes are not yet available.