Policy & Finance | 11 April 2018 at 7:00pm


Dear Councillor

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the


WEDNESDAY, 11th April 2018 AT 7.00pm in the


Yours faithfully

Teresa Devine

Clerk to the Parish Council 5th April 2018

1. Attendance & Apologies for Absence

To record the attendance and reasons for absence.

2. Declaration of Interest

To allow Councillors to declare a Disclosable Pecuniary, Other Pecuniary or Registerable Non-Pecuniary interest on any matters covered by this Agenda. Members are reminded that, when considering any item, if it becomes clear they have an interest they must declare it.

3. Public Participation

a) The Chairman to invite members of the public to indicate if they wish to speak at this meeting – either on an item on the Agenda or on a general matter not on this Agenda. You should indicate your wish to speak, to the Clerk, prior to the start of the meeting.

b) The Chairman to invite contributions from members of the public who wish to speak on a general matter not on this Agenda.

The public may raise matters or ask questions relating to the work of the Policy & Finance Committee or any other matter. If a matter raised or question asked is to be discussed by the Council it will be added to the Agenda for the next meeting of the Committee or passed to Full Council.

Recording of Meetings: Should anyone wish to record a Committee or Council Meeting the Clerk must

be informed prior to the start of the meeting in order that the Council can comply with Data Protection


4. Stanway Rovers Junior Girls Team

To receive a presentation from Stanway Rovers Junior Girls’ Team and consider ways in which the Council

can support them.

5. Minutes of the Policy & Finance Committee meeting of 14th March 2018

To consider and approve the Minutes of the Meeting which have been circulated.

6. Clerks Report and Update

To receive a report and, if necessary, an oral update on current and outstanding issues dealt with by the Committee.

7. Finance

a) To receive a report on income and expenditure to date and;

b) To approve intermediate expenditure and sign cheques.

8. Village Hall Refurbishment

To receive an update on the Village Hall Refurbishment.

9. Asset Register

To review the Asset Register.

10. Enovert Community Trust

To inform the Committee of the application made to the Enovert Community Trust for work on the

alley way between the Tollgate Car Park and Villa Road, and the Council’s contribution if successful.

11. Winstree Road Schools Travel Plan

To receive any update on the Meeting concerning Winstree Road Schools Travel Plan.

12. Car Park

To consider any issues concerning use of the Car Park.

13. Staffing Committee Terms of Reference

To consider the updated Terms of Reference of the Staffing Sub-Committee.

14. Annual Appraisal Process

To consider the annual appraisals process.

15. Local Highways Panel

To consider any matters arising from the Local Highways Panel.

16. Playing Field Requests

To consider any requests received.

17. Information Update

To receive oral updates from Members on matters affecting the Parish.

18. To Confirm the Date and Time of the Next Meeting

The next Policy and Finance Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 9th May 2018 at 7.00 pm

in the Committee Room, Victory Hall.


Minutes of the meeting of the


Held on WEDNESDAY, 11th April 2018 at 7.00pm

In the COMMITTEE ROOM at the VICTORY HALL ____________________________________________________________________

200. Present: Cllr J Spademan (Chairman)

Cllr D Chambers

Cllr P Dundas

Cllr T Manning

Cllr P Thompson

Cllr I Wancerska

In attendance: Miss T Devine (Clerk)

Miss T Baines, (Village Hall Management Committee)

Mr Andy Partner

Ms L Tate

201. Declaration of Interest


202. Public Participation

Three members of the public were present.

203. Stanway Rovers Junior Girls Team

Mr Partner gave a presentation to the Committee about the Stanway Rovers Junior Girls Team.

It was noted that the raison d’etre of the enterprise was to use football as a tool within the Community

to produce community spirit, and to help children to form long-lasting friendships. There were

currently 70 girls in the team aged from under 6 to under 18).

The Team was presently struggling to find a suitable place to play and practice and was hoping that

the Council may be able to offer some support.

A short question and answer session took place.

RESOLVED: That the Policy and Finance Committee agree in principle to support the Team

to find somewhere to play and practice.

204. Minutes

That the Minutes of the Meeting of 14th March 2018 be accepted as a true and accurate record.

205. Clerk’s Report and Update

In addition to the Clerk’s written report the following matters were brought to the attention of

the Committee.

Additional information to Point 3: The February and March bills for Caretaking at the MPGA

had not been received and would not be submitted before May when the Treasurer returned from

holiday. Matters concerning the anomalies in the collection of fees would be brought up at a

forthcoming meeting between the Auditor and Clerk and the Treasurer. It was hoped that a non

cash-handling method of collecting monies could be introduced. Cllr Manning expressed a wish

to be present at the meeting.

Additional invoice from Workflow: Workflow had submitted a bill for £90 representing a

quarterly optional charge to cover the event of a callout should the printer go off-line.

Emails concerning Costa Coffee’s car-park policy: Lengthy emails had been received from

a resident of Marks Tey concerning matters outside the scope of the Parish Council. The

first letter had not received a response from the Clerk who thought the email was a scam.

Further long emails had been received and one matter mentioned relating to planning for

Sainsbury’s petrol station had been passed to the Planning Committee.

Entry into the Clerk’s Office by Member of the public: On Tuesday, 10th April a member of

the public had sneaked into the Clerk’s office without knocking receiving a surprise to find

2 people in the office. (The Clerk and a representative from the Council’s insurance brokers). When it was mentioned to the individual that the door should have been knocked a perverse reaction was elicited. The Clerk wished to bring this matter to the attention of the Committee in case of complaint.

Zoning Team Contract: The contract for 2018/19 had been received and needed to be agreed.

RESOLVED: a) That the extra insurance offer from Workflow is not required;

b) That the Zoning Team contract be signed by the Chairman.

206. Finance

RESOLVED: a) That the Financial Report be noted;

b) That the Cheques List be approved.

207. Village Hall Refurbishment

Miss Baines gave her report to the Committee and the following points were noted:

a) The floor in the Village Hall had been repaired and should now last for another 15 to 20 years;

b) Phase 2 of the Refurbishment was moving along;

c) An inventory of all the crockery had been carried.out.

Miss Baines was thanked for her report.

208. Asset Register

A discussion took place concerning the Asset Register. It was agreed that the Clerk should

ascertain the current market value of the Halls and pass this information on to Miss Baines

of the Village Hall Management Committee.

RESOLVED: That the Asset Register be accepted as presented.

209. Enovert Community Trust

The Committee was informed of the grant application which had been submitted to Enovert

for assistance with resurfacing the alleyway between the Tollgate Car Park and Villa Road.

In order to meet the deadline for applications Committee approval needed to be in retrospect.

A sum of £195 would need to be paid towards the work, representing 10% of the total cost.

RESOLVED: That the Committee accept the submission of the grant application and

that £195 be paid towards the work if the grant is successful.

210. Winstreee Road Schools Travel Plan

No update to report.

211. Car Park

The Clerk was asked to request Barnes erect the “No Parking for Barnes Vehicles” signs

on either side of the grass verge on the entrance to the Village Hall in order that all could

see them. The signs would need to be staked.

212. Staffing Committee Terms of Reference

A discussion took place concerning the Terms of Reference of the Staffing Sub-Committee.

The following points were noted:

a) The Committee should be called a Staffing Committee rather than a Sub-Committee;

b) The staffing function will not be discussed more than 3 or 4 times a year;

c) In the event of a grievance or disciplinary matter the Staffing Committee will meet first

and should the problem not be resolved a sub-Committee could then meet;

d) It was important that in a grievance or disciplinary matter the policy of the Council be followed;

e) Complete impartiality was of utmost importance;

f) Should the Staffing Committee need to ask a sub-Committee to meet it would be made up of

three impartial members.

RESOLVED: That the above points are presented to Full Council for comment/approval with the

appropriate changes to the Terms of Reference.

213. Annual Appraisal Process

A suggestion was made to change the way in which the annual appraisal process took place.

After discussion it was agreed that the correct method of carrying out appraisals is for the line-

manager to appraise the member(s) of staff for whom they are responsible. Any disagreements

between line-manager and staff member over an appraisal would be referred to the Staffing Committee.

214. Local Highways Panel

It was reported that Cllr J Spademan, Cllr P Dundas and Cllr T Manning have been attending the

Local Highways Panel but other members may wish to become involved. The next LHP Meeting

will take place on Thursday, 1st June 2018.

It was agreed that membership of the Local Highways Panel would be put to the next meeting

of the Council.

215. Playing Field Requests


216. Information Update

a) It was reported that a member of the public had made a complaint to one of the Councillors

about the Chairman’s Report in the April edition of Stanway Life and the gift made from the

Chairman’s Allowance to the Essex Air Ambulance Fund.

b) A question was asked as to whether Barnes Construction is responsible to keep Villa Road

clear from obstruction while carrying out work at the Primary School and whether the

road could be re-surfaced. It was suggested that Cllr L Scott-Boutell be contacted regarding

this matter.

217. To Confirm the Date and Time of the Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Policy and Finance Committee will take place on Wednesday, 9th April

2018 at 7.00pm.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9.18 pm.

Signed:……………………………… Date: 9th May 2018