Policy & Finance | 9 May 2018 at 7:00pm


Dear Councillor

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the


WEDNESDAY, 9th May 2018 AT 7.00pm in the


Yours faithfully

Teresa Devine

Clerk to the Parish Council 2nd May 2018

1. Attendance & Apologies for Absence

To record the attendance and reasons for absence.

2. Declaration of Interest

To allow Councillors to declare a Disclosable Pecuniary, Other Pecuniary or Registerable Non-Pecuniary interest on any matters covered by this Agenda. Members are reminded that, when considering any item, if it becomes clear they have an interest they must declare it.

3. Public Participation

a) The Chairman to invite members of the public to indicate if they wish to speak at this meeting – either on an item on the Agenda or on a general matter not on this Agenda. You should indicate your wish to speak, to the Clerk, prior to the start of the meeting.

b) The Chairman to invite contributions from members of the public who wish to speak on a general matter not on this Agenda.

The public may raise matters or ask questions relating to the work of the Policy & Finance Committee or any other matter. If a matter raised or question asked is to be discussed by the Council it will be added to the Agenda for the next meeting of the Committee or passed to Full Council.

Recording of Meetings: Should anyone wish to record a Committee or Council Meeting the Clerk must

be informed prior to the start of the meeting in order that the Council can comply with Data Protection


4. Minutes of the Policy & Finance Committee meeting of 14th April 2018

To consider and approve the Minutes of the Meeting which have been circulated.

5. Clerks Report and Update

To receive a report and, if necessary, an oral update on current and outstanding issues dealt with by the Committee.

6. Finance

a) To receive a report.

b) To approve intermediate expenditure and sign cheques.

7. Village Hall Refurbishment

To receive an update on the Village Hall Refurbishment.

8. General Data Protection Regulations

To agree a policy to deal with the new GDPR as it affects the Parish Council.

9. Council Insurance

To decide on which company to use for the Council’s Insurance for the next 3 years.

The current policy expires in June 2018.

10. Internal Audit Sub-Committee

To consider the way the Internal Audit Sub-Committee functions and to review the Terms of Reference.

11. Internal Auditor

To consider the appointment of an internal auditor for the Financial Year 2018/19.

12. MPGA

To consider any matters arising from the MPGA Committee.

13. Repairs to the Car Park and Line Marking

To consider repairs to the car park and line marking.

14. LED Street Lighting

To consider whether to replace all the street lights with LEDs. (See Clerk’s Report to Full Council – April 2018)

15. Public Works Loan Board

To consider the Council’s current and possible future Public Works Loan including the possibility of

paying off our current loan and taking out a new one.

16. Winstree Road Schools Travel Plan

To receive any update.

17. Car Park

To consider any issues concerning use of the Car Park.

18. Local Highways Panel

To consider any matters arising from the Local Highways Panel.

19. Playing Field Requests

To consider any requests received.

20. Information Update

To receive oral updates from Members on matters affecting the Parish.

21. To Confirm the Date and Time of the Next Meeting

The next Policy and Finance Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 13th June 2018 at 7.00 pm

in the Committee Room, Victory Hall.


Minutes of the meeting of the


Held on WEDNESDAY, 9th May 2018 at 7.00pm

In the COMMITTEE ROOM at the VICTORY HALL ____________________________________________________________________

218. Present: Cllr J Spademan (Chairman)

Cllr D Chambers

Cllr P Dundas

Cllr L Tate

Cllr I Wancerska

In attendance: Miss T Devine (Clerk)

Miss T Baines, (Village Hall Management Committee)

Apologies for Absence: Apologies had been received from Cllr T Manning and Cllr P Thompson.

RESOLVED: That the apologies be received.

219. Declaration of Interest


220. Public Participation

One member of the public was present.

221. Minutes

RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of 11th April 2018 be accepted.

222. Clerk’s Report and Update

The Clerk reported that a 2% pay rise for administrative staff had been nationally

approved by NALC and backdated to 1st April 2018.

Also, the Caretaker had requested that the Council be notified of the current state of the carpark

with respect to potholes. This subject to be discussed as a later Agenda item.

223. Finance

a) Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet for the financial year ending 31st March 2018 had been circulated

to the Committee prior to the Meeting.

RESOLVED: That the Chairman sign the Balance Sheet.

The Clerk was requested to produce an additional Balance Sheet showing the loan from

the PWLB and the Village Hall Refurbishment Grant money as liabilities. The RIALTAS Balance

Sheet is not set up in this way and the Clerk offered to produce one using Excel.

b) Cheques

RESOLVED: That the cheques list be approved.

The Chairman once again requested volunteers to become cheque signatories and Cllr D Chambers,

and Cllr L Tate agreed to do this. The Clerk to produce the forms for completion.

224. Village Hall Refurbishment

A written report had been received prior to the meeting from the Secretary of the Village

Hall Management Committee. This was later expounded upon when Miss Baines joined the


225. General Data Protection Regulations

A discussion took place concerning the new regulations. Cllr Tate had a template which

could be used by the Parish Council to tweek in order to fulfil it’s legal obligations.

It was noted that explicit consent is required for personal data to be retained except in

situations where it is legally necessary, for example, details of EROB Certificates.

It was suggested that a waiver declaration form be produced for Councillors to sign when

newly appointed.

Any details the Council held relating to individual Parishioners could not be retained.

226. Council Insurance

The documents produced and previously circulated to Councillors were thoroughly

inspected. Before a decision could be made the following further information was

needed: a) Did the insurance cover the car park for criminal damage and public


b) Were the recreational areas of Silver Witch Green, Lucy Lane, the

Youth Garden covered by the recommended policy?

c) Were Swan Green and the Burial Site at Comb Meadow covered?

d) Was the alley between the Tollgate Car Park and Villa Road covered?

The Clerk to gain answers to the above questions and report to Full Council at the end

of the month.

The fridges on the policy could be removed as they were covered by the Village Hall

Management Committee.

It was agreed that a 3 year policy was better value for money.

227. Internal Audit Sub-Committee

The Chairman explained that the Internal Audit Sub-Committee used to meet but

had not done so for a year. Terms of Reference had never been produced.

The Committee agreed that such a Committee was useful to look in detail at

audit matters outside of Full Council.

It was agreed that the Internal Audit Sub-Committee should meet on a quarterly

basis and report back to the Policy and Finance Committee.

228. Internal Auditor

A discussion took place concerning the appointment of an internal auditor for the

Financial Year 2018-19.

The Clerk believed that the Council would profit from an internal auditor with an accounting

background in order to fulfil the accounting rule of prudence when the audit took place.

The Clerk was requested to obtain details of local internal auditors with references and

recommendations and report back to the next Policy and Finance Meeting on 13th June.

Teresa Baines joined the Committee at this point.

229. MPGA

The Committee was informed that the MPGA Committee would be looking at its’ own Terms

of Reference. The MPGA Committee should have been presenting a report to Full Council

every 2 months but this had not been taking place.

It was also noted that the Committee was proposing to accept a quote to carry out repair

work for a sum of £16,000 which previously had attracted quotes of £90,000.

A discussion took place and it was confirmed that the insurance company had paid £37,000

to the Council for the repair of the sports court with a subsistence problem. It was also

confirmed that, if the full sum of £37,000 was not used, it would be a legal requirement

to pay back the unspent sum.

After discussion it was agreed that Cllr Chambers would recommend to the MPGA Committee

that a surveyor is brought in to produce a quote.

230. Repairs to the Car Park and Line Marking

It was reported that there are some holes in the car park. Teresa Baines informed the

Committee that Beardwell Construction were willing to fill in the holes at the front of

the building.

It was questioned whether a survey needed to be done on the car park to assess the cost of

a full repair.

The Clerk was requested to gain some quotations for repairing and marking out the car park.

It was noted that priority should be given to the area at the front of the building and the arrow


231. LED Street Lighting

A discussion took place. The subject of the current Public Works Loan Board also arose

in connection with this item.

The Clerk was asked to contact the Public Works Loan Board to ascertain if a new loan

could be taken out to cover the cost of the work of replacing the street lighting and repaying

the loan already in existence: the idea being to obtain a better rate of interest and pay off the

original loan with it. The Clerk was to find out if this was allowed.

232. Public Works Loan Board

See Minute 231.

233. Winstree Road Schools Travel Plan

A meeting is due to be held on Thursday, 7th June 2018. Four Head Teachers, the Co-ordinator

and the Chairman of the Council would be attending.

234. Car Park

It was reported that a few parents have been parking on either side of the hall. The matter to be

reviewed at the July Policy and Finance Meeting.

235. Local Highways Panel

The next meeting is to take place on Friday, 1st June 2018 in the Committee Room at the

Victory Hall. Cllr Dundas suggested that he be replaced as a Parish Council representative as

he would now be attending as a Borough Councillor. Cllr D Chambers volunteered to join as

a Parish Council representative.

236. Playing Field Requests

No requests had been received.

237. Information Update

A short discussion took place about local traffic problems.

238. Date and Time of the Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 13th June 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Committee

Room, Victory Hall.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.

Signed:……………………………………. Date: 13th June 2018