Committee Meetings

Stanway Parish Council has a range of council, committee and sub-committee meetings through which the majority of the Council’s work is carried out. Meetings provide the opportunity for us to discuss issues affecting the Parish and to make decisions on the action(s) that we will take.

Some of our committees are advisory; they make recommendations to full council, which then makes the decisions. We also have a number of executive committees (Planning, Policy and Finance, Community Events) where the full council delegates responsibility for certain decisions to the committee. The committee then reports its decisions to full council.

Members of the public are welcome to attend any of our council, committee or sub-committee meetings and listen to the discussions. The committee agenda provides derails of the date, start time and venue for the meeting and the council business that is to be discussed. At the start of our meetings, time is set aside for members of the community to raise matters of concern or interest or ask the council questions.

Most Council business is conducted in public. However there are some issues where discussion must take place after the press and public have been excluded. These include matters personal to the individual or where commercially sensitive information could be disclosed.

Please click on the relevant committee for further information and for agendas and minutes.