Recruitment Policy

Stanway Parish Council Recruitment Policy

This policy was last updated on: 30 January 2017

  1. Introduction
    1. Stanway Parish Council is an Equal Opportunities employer. The aim of this Policy is to ensure that the Council select the most suitable person for the job on the basis of their relevant merit and abilities and that no employee/candidate is unfairly treated on any grounds, including those protected characteristics identified in the Equality Act 2010.
    2.  An up-to-date copy of this Policy shall be maintained on Stanway Parish Council’s website.
  2. Purpose
    1. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that:
      1. The efficient and effective recruitment of staff takes place
      2. Applicants are treated fairly, consistently and courteously
      3. Recruitment and selection decisions are based on merit alone
      4. Legislation in regard to recruitment is adhered to
  3. Scope
    1. This Policy applies to the recruitment of employees/candidates to Stanway Parish Council.
  4. The Recruitment Process
    1. Pre-Advertising
      1. For all job vacancies, a job description and person specification must be provided. These documents set out the duties of the job and the skills needed to fill it. The objective criteria contained within these documents must consist of minimum standards considered to be essential for the effective performance of the job. Desirable criteria may be included, but these must be referred to only if candidates have met the essential criteria.
      2. An application form will be reviewed and prepared in advance on the job being advertised. Application forms should ask candidates to confirm that they are legally entitled to work within the UK.
      3. The salary and grade for the job vacancy will be determined in accordance with the National Agreement on Salaries and Conditions of Service of Local Council Clerks in England and Wales. Stanway Parish Council will take advice on this issue from relevant bodies such as NCALC, as necessary.
    2. Advertising
      1. A job advert will be prepared for each job vacancy. Job adverts will be carefully constructed and include an equal opportunities statement, encouraging applications from all sections of the community.
      2. All job adverts will include; the job title, job location, intended pay, qualifications and experience required and closing date. Job adverts will state where further information can be obtained and that all candidates will be required to complete an application form.
      3. Stanway Parish Council job vacancies will be advertised as widely as possible. As a minimum, all job vacancies will be advertised on Parish Council notice boards and on the Council’s website.
    3. Shortlisting
      1. Following the job vacancy closing date, and as soon after the closing date as possible, all applications will go forward to the shortlisting process where each application shall be assessed against the person specification for the role applied for. Shortlisting will be undertaken by more than one person.
      2. It is important that the Council keeps records of reasons for not shortlisting candidates.
      3. Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to interview and given a minimum of a weeks’ notice of the interview date.
    4. Interview
      1. Interview questions will be drawn up in advance and the same questions will be applied to each candidate applying for the same job vacancy, to ensure a consistent and fair approach.
      2. Interviews will be conducted by an interview panel, comprising of at least two panel members. All effort will be made for the same interview panel to interview all candidates applying for the same job vacancy.
      3. Notes will be made throughout the interview recording candidates’ responses to questions.
      4. At this stage, checks and photocopies should be taken of one of the following documents to verify candidates ID and entitlement to work in the UK:
        • UK British passport or full UK birth certificate and proof of NI number
        • EU passport or ID card
        • Non EU passport and Visa
    5. Appointment
      1. Once the interview panel has made a decision, the successful candidate can be offered the post, subject to confirmation of documentary evidence of their right to work in the UK, satisfactory references and, where relevant, any other pre-employment checks. Once all information has been satisfactorily received, a formal job offer will be issued.
      2. All employees will be subject to a probationary period of 6 months, after which there will be a review.
      3. Once the appointment has been confirmed, all unsuccessful applicants should be informed in writing.
      4. It is a legal requirement that details of every application must be retained for a period of 12 months. Notes detailing the recruitment decision, both of the successful candidate and those who were not selected must be kept in written form and retained.
  5. Policy Review
    1. Stanway Parish Council will review this Policy as is necessary and appropriate, and at a minimum on an annual basis.